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Monday, July 11, 2011

Ronnie Fieg x Asics Gel-Lyte III “Mint Leaf” Sneaker Story and Release Date info

When I was younger I would take trips to Israel every summer to visit my grandparents in the hills of a small town called Zichron Yaakov. My grandfather along with a small crew built this amazing house from scratch and it was where my entire family would go every summer to be together. My entire family is obsessed with drinking hot or cold tea mixed with mint leaf so my grandmother grew a mint leaf garden in the back of the house. Every day my grandmother would send me to the garden to pick a few branches for their morning dose. ..
.I remember the first time I picked those branches, I was 7 years old and I became obsessed with the leaf and smell. My mother used to have to come and drag me off the soil because I would just lay there and chill while taking in this addicting scent. For years my family would joke around about it, they even nicknamed me ‘minty’. My grandmother told me she found pictures of me in the garden but I couldn’t get in time for this post, I will post them later this summer when I get to her house.
I used a very rich nubuck for this release. The nubuck leather needed to have a texture that could hold the vibrant mint green in a way smooth leather cannot. I used my favorite mesh for the toe box and collar, the same mesh I used on the Navy Aquas. The midsole is a very light grey and the outsole is a darker grey. I’ve been wearing my pair for a few months and they wear in nicely. Priced at $120, These ‘Mint Leaf’ Gel Lyte III’s will release this coming Friday, July 15th at 10am Est. with a limited run at the David Z. flagship (556 Broadway) as well as online at The release is first come first served so please do not call and ask for a pair to be put aside. They are sizes are unisex and range from 4.5-13. It has been a great run and this will be my last footwear release in David Z. Although I certainly hope the site won’t crash again for this release, I want to remind you that I am not in charge of the David Z website and I no longer work in the DZ offices. They will do their best with their servers and I will do my best to prepare them for this release. Good luck! Shots by Sean Munro.


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