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Monday, September 12, 2011

Is AutoLace The Future Of Sneakers?

Is AutoLace The Future Of Sneakers? It is a question that will be puzzling the minds of sneaker heads especially til 2015 when the Nike Mag does release with a Auto Lace System... What will the future hold, retro sneakers with Auto Lace next after?...
There is no way after Nike/Tinker Hatfield figure out and create the Nike Mag Sneaker with Auto Lace that they are not going to add this technology to other shoes. Well I think its great but me personally will always love my classics with laces, call me oldschool. Definitely excited to see if these Auto Lace sneakers really do drop in 2015 and cant pair to try on a pair! -Delz

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  1. Classic sneakers like the Nikes Terminators, Vandals, Dunks, etc will always be my favorites! However I wasn't born in the generation when those shoes were hot in the 80s for me power laces would be my old school when i'm older