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Saturday, November 26, 2011

Friends Of PickYourShoesTV With Guest Dj Delz

Here is a new episode from PickYourShoes Tv where they have a special "Friends Of PickYourShoes" With Guests like ya boi Dj Delz,Vanessa & Bruce from PYS plus some other people Like Solevita (who I personally know and think is fake as fcuk as a person..cant stand even being in the same video,lmao) talk about what sneakers "got them the sneaker game".I answered alot different then the others cause I took the question differently,I think of that question as not your 1st sneaker but the 1st ever but the one to actually get you interactive in this sneaker community. Definitely a great episode, shout out to Bruce and Vanessa. Peep the episode after the jump......

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