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Monday, December 5, 2011

Fight Goes Down Over Alleged Stolen Nike Foamposite Sneaker

Word is from WSHH,The kid in the green jacket stole foamposites out the room of the dude in the grey dorm room, they both dont know each other & the dude in the grey been missing the foamposites for 2weeks!This guy in the grey thinks this dude is wearing his missing kicks and confronts him and takes them back. Watch thie video caught on tape by WSHH after the jump.....

shout out to Brain for the heads up on this vid. Keep in mind, I do not co-sign violence. Be careful out there cause some people are not playing around.


  1. Dont steal fucking shoes otherwise you get put on the spit...simple.... but if he didn't steal the shoes he still got put on the spit :P

  2. and they wonder why black people get such bad reps..this video proves it all

  3. naw the boul in the green didt steal them shoes bcuz no homo but he had a hat n jacket to match that shit soo boul had money n the boul in the grey never was like did u steal my shit he said whos ur mans sounds like to me he didt like the dude so he fucked him up than took his shit cuz if u goin to fuck someone up u mind as well