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Sunday, January 29, 2012

2012 Nike Foamposite Sneaker Price Raises 20 Bucks More!?

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2012 Nike Foamposite Sneaker Price Raises 20 Bucks More!? WTF. Here is a quick vlog talking about it wondering whats your thoughts on it. Peep the video after the jump.......


  1. 20 bucks more and ur ass bought. Way to feed into the game

  2. 1. The shoe is fly, I will admit, but 220 is ridiculous. Especially in these economical times.

    2. As a man, I never really can get behind a practically all red shoe. I'm not judging others but for me, it's a bit suspect.

    3. It's a GR paying all that cash for a shoe everybody's gonna have is like bending over and giving Nike the lube as you whisper " it's ok, I deserve it." I can't GIVE them the ok to power forward into the future with the mind set. " if you build it they will come"

    $.220 for foams $223 for Jordan 2012's, it's already an expensive addiction damn! But as long the masses keep showing up, camping out and product keeps selling out....Nike Aka Raping u records, will keep " RAPING YOU, RAPING YOU..RAPING YOU!"

  3. $220 is ridiculous. I assuming that Nike feels that the people who can actually afford $200 can afford an additional $20. These are dope but $220 is too much in my humble opinion.

  4. The resellers are to thank for that. Nike clearly sees the prices online that people resell their products for and people still buy them so without hesitation Nike will capitalize on that. The Duncans were $225 and people still bought those so it wont make a difference.