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Friday, February 24, 2012

More Footage From The Nike Foamposite Galaxy Riot In Orlando Florida

Here is More Footage From The Nike Foamposite Galaxy Riot In Orlando Florida at the House Of Hoops, this is why Nike needs to make a 220 dollar sneaker not limited. Peep this video after the jump.........

Galaxy Foamposite Riot Orlando Fl Mall

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  1. So here is my story...

    I went to the House of Hoops in Michigan, the only place in michigan to release the ASG Collection...We arrived there at 11pm Thursday and parked with everyone else...I had a group of 4 ppls with me. The police warned everyone to stay in their cars until midnight...Stupid idea...I asked the officer what they were going to do at midnight...he told me that we can get out of our cars and get in line...i told him, do you know how many ppls are here right now about 300 and you want all of us to get out of our cars at run to get in line.... he said yeah but dont push or hurt anyone... i game him the dumb look... so midnight car around and this happened... v=10151327990970125 a small riot broke out, ppls got pepper sprayed arrested, and they canceled the release and made everyone to get off the property... so we left and came back around 4 and still had to we kept coming back every hour until finally around 8am we saw 4 cars parked in the parking lot and the police didnt do as we parked the police officer waved us in so we ran in group ran out but left my back door opened so i ran around to shut my door and then ran in line...i was the 13th person in line knowing their are only 12 pairs of foams in the store...the dude that was in front of me, his girl, I let her cut in front of me to stand next to her mans i was trying to be nice already knowing i wasnt going to get the tickets were giving out...the girl that was in front got the last ticket for the foams!!!!! One of the guys in line in front of me passed on the foams and went for the kds instead... as went got to the HoH...the dude that works their talked to the girl and offered $250 for her ticket i offered $300 for her ticket and the dude that works their told her that he would give me the shoes anyways even tho she would of gave me that ticket...I was pissed...but oh well...everyone in my group got a foam but me....but I was the only one in my group to get the big bangs.... Over all it was a success for my group... 4 pairs of foams galaxys, 3 pairs of kds, 1 pair of kobes, and 1 pair of lebrons...