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Saturday, April 7, 2012

Nike Lebron 10 Sneaker Rumored to Retail at $315!? WTF

This is the perfect case of the rich get richer and the poor get poorer, your possible favorite basketball player this year Lebron James raised his Nike Lebron 9 Sneaker to 170 and many thought that was high but wait it gets worst..the "Elite" 9 is releasing soon for 250 which seems to be a warm up for consumers when they release the Lebron 10 rumored  to Retail at $315 & The regular version will retail at $180!?! I am sorry but this is unreal...
so many kids look up to Lebron and cant afford these shoes...look at K.Durant selling this Nike shoes for under 100 bucks, now thats someone to look at as a real role model! Will you be riding the wave of these crazy prices rising?


  1. fuk all that, ive got like 15 lebrons, bout to get the easters but at $315 i aint doing it no matter how tight they look

  2. The nike + pair is roughly $315.. The normal Lebron X will be $180

  3. Yeah they can forget it. It is bad enough that foamposites are $220. Lebrons shoes are not of the same quality. I wont be buying them at $315 & I own many Lebron colorways. Everyone needs to take a stand at some point.

  4. He's not my idol, and i don't think that many kids look up to him when michael jordans kicks are still the number one selling sneaker!!!