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Friday, August 31, 2012

19 Year Old Shot Dead Waiting To Buy Nike Foamposite Sneakers

Police made the arrest after a police chase Friday afternoon. Investigators say a group approached Montre Bradley as he waited in line outside a shoe store and shot him. People were lined up overnight to be among the first to buy a new Penny Hardaway sneaker.....
They apparently looked like good targets to rob and it cost 19-year-old Montre Bradley his life.
The shooting happened about 4:00a.m. Bradley was among a group of people who camped out at the shoe store called “Street Game”, waiting for the release of the new Penny Hardaway sneaker. At some point, they were approached by two men apparently bent on robbery.

Chief David DiCaro, Gates Police Department, said, “They were trying to steal his money. All he wanted to do was buy a new pair of shoes. It is a tragedy. It really is a tragedy and we’re going to do all we can to bring them to justice.”

Bradley's mother lives in California. His cousin spoke for the family living in Rochester at their home on Maria Street.

Keona Williams, Bradley's cousin, said, “He was real particular about his sense of style and he was very fashionable. So he worked hard for his money and spent it on whatever he wanted to spend it on. And he wanted those particular pair of sneakers. He got off work and said I'm going to go get these and go home and whatever I do.”

Within about eight hours of the shooting, Gates Police located two suspects with the help of information from witnesses. There was a chase into the city. One suspect was caught on North Clinton Avenue after city police laid down spikes to deflate the car’s tires. The chief said the other man bailed out of the car at some point in the chase.
Gates Police brought the one suspect back to their station. It appeared he had been treated at a local hospital after being tasered.
Store manager James Poole said his cousin was standing in line with Bradley when he was shot.
Poole said, “Right now he's distraught. He just lost a friend. And he witnessed that. That's something he's got to live with. That's terrible.”



  1. thats fucked up killing for sneakers nike need to make more kicks and come up with ways this dont happen again

  2. wow....what has this world come to...i mean it doesn't really matter but i thought these weren't even that nice like not to die for

  3. GATDAMMIT!! Injuries and deaths over shoes has happened too much.. yet JB or Nike still haven't done anything to prevent it... is it that difficult to not make a limited sneaker limited? just make more pairs..all it does it cause trouble..

  4. Wow..... that's just terrible, I can't imagine how his family feels. And people, it wasn't even about the kicks if you actually read the whole thing. The two dudes were looking to rob the kid of his MONEY, not his shoes.