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Friday, February 1, 2013

adidas Rolls Out Retro NBA Uniforms

adidas announced today that seven of the most memorable NBA uniforms from the 1990s will return to the hardwood this season. Updated with adidas’ revolutionary performance technology for today’s game, these new classics will be worn during “NBA Hardwood Classics Nights” games beginning Jan. 30 and concluding March 30.

Uniforms will be available at and team shops. 

“These classic jerseys blend adidas performance and style to meet the needs of today’s NBA players,” said Lawrence Norman, vice president, adidas global basketball. “We hope NBA fans enjoy this ‘blast from the past’ as they relive the stand-out styles of the 1990s.” 

The retro uniforms will include:
  • Atlanta Hawks “Spreadwings” home uniform (1998-99 season)
    • Features the Atlanta Hawk stretching its wings across the front of the jersey
  • Chicago Bulls “Pinstripe” alternate road uniform (1995-96 season)
    • Features red stripes on a black jersey with red and white trim
  • Indiana Pacers “Classic pinstripe” home uniform (1996-97 season)
    • Features navy stripes on a white jersey with gold and navy trim
  • Miami Heat “Deep Red” alternate road uniform (1995-96 season)
    • Features black and white letters and numbers on a red jersey with black and white trim
  • Milwaukee Bucks “Full Buck” alternate road uniform (1995-96 season)
    • Features a purple and white buck next to the number on the front of ahunter green jersey
  • Phoenix Suns “Steaming Sun” alternate road uniform (1994-95 season
    • Features a sun blasting diagonally across the chest above the number on a black jersey.
  • Sacramento Kings “Checkerboard” uniform (1996-97 season)
    • Features purple and white checkers on the sides of the jersey and shorts with the left side of the jersey colored purple and the right side colored black

The 10 NBA Hardwood Classic Nights will be nationally broadcast on ABC, TNT, NBA TV and ESPN as follows:
  • Wednesday, Jan. 30: Los Angeles Lakers at Phoenix Suns* (ESPN)
  • Friday, Feb. 1: Miami Heat* at Indiana Pacers* (ESPN)
  • Friday, Feb. 8: Los Angeles Clippers at Miami Heat* (ESPN)
  • Saturday, Feb. 9: Utah Jazz at Sacramento Kings* (NBA TV)
  • Thursday, Feb. 14: Miami Heat* at Oklahoma City Thunder (TNT)
  • Wednesday, Feb. 20: Atlanta Hawks* at Miami Heat* (ESPN)
  • Thursday, Feb. 21: Miami Heat* at Chicago Bulls* (TNT)
  • Saturday, March 3: Chicago Bulls* at Indiana Pacers* (ESPN)
  • Sunday, March 10: Chicago Bulls* at LA Lakers (ABC)
  • Saturday, March 30: Indiana Pacers* at Phoenix Suns* (NBA TV)

* Denotes team(s) wearing Hardwood Classics uniforms

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