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Saturday, May 3, 2014

Nike May Cancel Lebron 11 2K14 Sneaker Orders

Yesterday and today Everyone who ordered the 2K14 Lebron 11's from Nike got a email  saying they May Cancel Lebron 11 2K14 Sneaker Orders if they do not ship by the 12th! What kind of BS is that, people have been waiting since December 2013 for these shoes and they are just gonna send out a email like this now!!!!
So foul and I hope they do the right thing and get it right cause there is no excuse for this kind of service to customers. Its one thing if you won free shoes as a prize but people had to pay 220 bucks for these shoes! Kind of crazy to begin with that people  even had to pay for something you "win" on a game.  They should have gave them away like with the Paranorman Foamposites, Maybe 2K14 didnt wanna spend the money on the promo...Who Knows!


  1. Its been confirmed they wont cancel the shoe it was just an automated email tons of people already talked to Nike reps about it your safe Delz

  2. Class action lawsuit if they did....time and money wasted on false promotion