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Tuesday, August 12, 2014

RIP Robin Williams, Look At Some Sneakers He Wore & More

In Honor of the loss of Robin Williams , here is a great photo of him Wearing Nike Dunk Low Viotech Sneakers with a dope Bape Button down, some may not know but he was what some would consider a "Sneakerhead", We will miss him and may he rest in Peace. Check out a great story I ,DJ Delz want to share with you reader from when I met him years ago after the jump...............

Robin Williams Has Lost His Battle With Depression at the Age Of 63 , really sad news we all heard today. I had the pleasure of being on set for the Movie "House Of D" in NYC, was a long day at the Air Port filming but was a great time. Was in holding waiting to shoot messing with this Chick I met on set,she asked me to rub her shoulders because she was sore so I did, LOL.About a minute while doing it I felt someone's hands on my shoulders massaging me so I turned my head fast & who was it....Mr Robin Williams, it was so Funny and we all were Laughing our asses off! We all hung out for a little while and I had to ask him for a photo to remember this wild moment, We took this pic to the left and then after he screamed" ATTENTION EVERYONE, ME & MY NEW FRIEND HAVE THE BIGGEST DICKS IN THIS ROOM!" It was one of the funniest moments of my life! He was one of the Greatest Actors EVER and will be missed and remembered forever through his classic work! - DJ Delz

Robin Wearing Raf Simmons Velcro Sneakers

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