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Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Nike KD 6 “Wanda Pratt” PE Sneaker Spotted On Ebay (Detailed Images)

Here is a look at an amazing pair of Nike KD 6 “Wanda Pratt” PE Sneakers Spotted On Ebay  HERE, Sad to see this was in Honor of this ladies life and some guy is reselling them for over 2k...Wish I had them cause I would never sell them! Peep more detailed images after the jump............

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  1. I know im going out on a limb here. But why dont we all pitch in and buy them and delz can keep them? He can do a review on them in her honor?. And we all know that wouldnt get rid of them. And afterall he is right these shouldnt be on ebay at all and in the end they will be sold and why not sold to all of us? A group of people who will appreciate them. If anyone is interested my email is