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Monday, December 8, 2014

Kevin Durant Hooks Up 13 Year old Teenager Who Got Robbed For His Sneakers

Kevin Durant Hooks Up 13 Year old Teenager  Anthony Cupps Who Got Robbed For His Sneakers with a Ticket to the game and the Game shoes he wore signed after, KD you definitely are the Real MVP!


  1. What good is that though it's dope he got two or however many tickets. But what good is a size 17 sneaker signed by KD of the sneaker you got robbed for in the first place. He won't sell the sneaker because it probably has sentimental value now. Call me crazy but a real boss or mvp move would have been a locker room visit and the whole kd7 color ways up until the x mas release. The kid kind of still took an L

  2. Kind of feel like an ass now because I didn't see the picture of the KD box. So more than likely he did get a new fresh pair in his size and that signed KD shoe. Because that big ass shoe is not fitting in that little box anyway that's why I buy KD shoes only. Lebron wouldn't do this