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Monday, February 2, 2015

CONVERSE Aero Jam Invade Space Jam Sneaker (Detailed Review With Dj Delz Invcluding Glow Test)

Here is a detailed look at the CONVERSE Larry Johnson Aero Jam Invade Space Jam Sneaker With Dj Delz including a glow in the dark test. These are available Now HERE. Peep this review after the jump.............


  1. ANOTHER WINNER IN MY BOOK OF 'WANTS'. there is something that is so YES about these 'AIR JAMS',and 'SPACE JAMS' !! CRAZY color combo on the 'AIR JAMS'!! I am a big fan of the 'GALAXY' FOAMPOSITS TOO!! Keep'em com'in!! Larry,, Naples,Florida

  2. DELZ, I envision the 'SWOOSH', RED CENTER with BLACK out-line fading into thee RED. Hope you consider it. I too have been a big fan of BRUCE LEE after I saw him do his stuff on the 1960s 'GREEN HORNET' t.v. show! Check out the reruns on YOUTUBE !! I went to NIKE ID . Did a couple of designs already! Tried it on JORDAN 12s. Awesome, if I do say so myself!! Larry,Naples,Florida

  3. If you haven't checked this out, this IS THE BEST video of BRUCE LEES super human skills!! His son Brandon is also in the video !! PING-PONG with dangerous NUNCHUCKS Larry, Naples,Florida CHEERS!!