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Sunday, February 8, 2015

Reebok Dee Brown Omni Lite Pump Sneaker Available Now (Review + On Feet W/ Dj Delz)

The Classic Reebok Dee Brown Omni Lite Pump Sneaker is  Available Now  HERE and more sizes HERE , Peep dj Delz break these awesome sneaker down after the jump..............

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  1. YEP!! SICK!! I had a pair when they first came in, BACK IN THE DAY!! They were solid white, super-clean!! Wish I knew the value of them before I trashed them!! Even my JORDANS back in 1995!! I wore them for 3 years before they blew out!! These were WHITE and RED, LIVED THEM!! I will post my 'CUSTOM 'GREEN BAY' shoes that I did today of FB.!! DELZ,... what does the design on the side of them shoe stand for?? Looks like a 2 to me. Larry, Naples,FL