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Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Nike Basketball 4th Of July USA Sneaker Pack (Official Images + Release Date)

Here is an official look at detailed images of the Nike Basketball 4th Of July USA Sneaker Pack  hitting retailers on the 27th of June, real awesome they release before the 4th! Peep more images of the KD8,Lebron 12,Kobe X & Kyrie 1's after the jump............


  1. If those Kobe / Kyrie shoes didn't have their names attached to the product, those shoes would never get a second look.

  2. The fourth of July is constantly ensured to give two things, warm weather and a great time.Excellent weather,BBQs, and heat; whether its in the air or on your feet!Everybody realizes that you require some kind of holiday spirit on the fourth; whether you wear red,white, or blue or you draw out some dope sneakers that are ensured to demonstrate your love for America.In light of that Nike chose to give you three dope sneakers to look over to demonstrate your patriotism.The LeBron 12,KD 8, and Kyrie 1 all are surrendered a Patriotic touch for the holiday.
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