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Friday, July 17, 2015

Nike Air Zoom Vick II ‘Falcons’ Shoe Available Now (Images)

Here is a detailed look at the Nike Air Zoom Vick II ‘Falcons’ Shoe Available Now HERE with more sizes HERE, definitely a great colorway! Peep more images after the jump...........

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  1. THESE ARE FREAKS!! And they even have the 'RACING STRIPE' down the toe, so you can run down the paint faster,LOL!!). THE COLOR COMBO IS AWESOME! CLEAN!! I like the grain of the leather!! It doesn't distract you from the over-all shoe !! The heel design is interesting... it is the BASKET-BALL NET, looking up to the RIM !! Solid and ruggid look, for longer usage for wear !! I look forward to copping a pair for me!!! THANKS DELZ!! GOOD WORK!! T.G.I.F.!! Larry,Naples,FL.